Invosys declare war on the competition

Taking over Churchill War Rooms on 3rd October, Invosys welcomed 60 resellers to the VoIP revolution.

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The secret underground WWII bunker was the perfect setting to launch our strategy for resellers to take over the market. Sharing insights into the current market and the cut-throat competition, we shared what resellers are really up against – and how to turn that to their advantage with unbelievable new commercials and technology developments.

We armed our partners with the weapons they need to conquer the competition.


You need to know your competition if you want to conquer them. That’s why we shared exactly how Invosys compare to the biggest competition. In short? An Invosys licence with all features costs just one fifth of BT Business’ most basic package. And this price is further reduced with volume and contract length.

5 min SIP Challenge

Can you build a SIP trunk with no training in 5 minutes? Well, with InvoSIP you definitely can.

We gave our guests account and IP details, and challenged them to build a SIP trunk with no other instruction. With an average time of 2 minutes 29 seconds, our winner completed their SIP trunk in just 93 seconds! Our SIP is truly intuitive so your customers can easily build their own SIP trunks

Wireless Office

A new partnership has expanded our hardware offering. Launched exclusively at the War Rooms event, this partnership has also helped create our complete ‘wireless demo kits’. With a wireless handset, power and internet supply, these new kits allow our partners to demonstrate the Invosys suite wherever they are.

Telecoms Made Easy

Giving customers control of their telephony, we demonstrated our drag and drop Enterprise portal.

Feeling like you missed out? Simply get in touch with your account manager or [email protected] for more information on our “declaration of war”.

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