Introducing Service Rollback

Number Manager 4.20 is here, launching Service Rollback!

The latest release of Number Manager brings with it an exciting piece of functionality which allows its users to revert back to a previous iteration of a service configuration at the click of a button.

So whether you’d just like to switch back to what the service was doing yesterday, invoke a disaster recovery service or you mistakenly save a service to something incorrect, you can quickly and simply revert back. Get more control of your services whatever your circumstances.

Here by popular demand…

This improvement is an enhancement to the service history functionality released in March and has been introduced following useful feedback from our customers about how we could provide even more value to our market leading inbound services platform.

Switch services back

All users with permission to create and edit services can compare the current and historical service settings so that they can choose to revert to a particular configuration from a previous date. You can even make further modifications to the service before fully committing the changes.

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Which services can be rolled back?

The service rollback functionality has been released for all Simple, Advanced, Interactive and Area Based Routing service types.

Look out for the next iteration of Number Manager which will allow similar functionality for Enterprise services too!