Missed a Call? No Problem.

‘It is estimated that missing calls costs UK SME’s close to £90 Million a year.’

The reality is that if all of your customers’ phone operators are busy or unavailable, missing a call often cannot be avoided.

Luckily, our Inbound, Hosted and SIP services have several options available for missed calls including missed call alerts and voicemail to email options. They make sure that your customers stay connected even when they cannot answer a call.

Missed Call Alerts

Missed Call Alerts

Missed Call Alerts



In the event of missing a call, an alert can be sent directly via email to designated recipients. The alert will inform your customer of the number the call originated from, the time it was made, and their voice message so that they can follow up with the caller at a later date. As a part of Invosys services, any voicemails left at a customer’s extension can arrive directly in an email inbox or several email inboxes of their choosing. This way, messages left are less likely to go unnoticed and will be acted upon sooner.
What if Your Customers Cannot Afford to Miss Calls?

Missed Call Alerts


Sometimes customer simply cannot afford to miss incoming phone calls, but don’t always have someone available to answer. If that’s the case, the Invosys product suite can help.

The call routing technology is integrated into our Inbound, Hosted and SIP platforms and allows users to divert incoming calls to devices and destinations inside or outside of their network.

This can be done manually or automatically to help handle call overflows.


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