Manage Costs and Increase Efficiency With Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant acts as a virtual receptionist for businesses by allowing callers to redirect themselves to the department or person they need.

Invosys lets businesses easily build an intelligent menu system for callers, with multi-layered menus and a range of options for redirection. Auto Attendant can have both operational and financial benefits to businesses and can greatly improve the caller experience.

Auto Attendant

How Can Auto Attendant Help Businesses?


Auto Attendant’s menu system lets callers redirect themselves. With this solution in place, having a full-time receptionist is no longer a requirement for businesses which can result in significant savings on labour.

Auto Attendant


Being passed from department to department can be frustrating for callers. With Auto Attendant, the caller chooses where they want to be redirected to, increasing the number of first time solutions and caller satisfaction rates.

Auto Attendant


Instead of wasting your employees’ time on needless manual redirects, Auto Attendant automates directing calls (the clue is in the name!). This way, they can focus on their jobs without distraction.

Auto Attendant


If disaster does strike, you can quickly record new messages for your menu to let callers know. You can also change the menu options to direct to a new department or number, in an instance.


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