Juniper Bridge fully integrates into Invosys

After acquiring Juniper Bridge in March 2018, Juniper Bridge is now becoming fully integrated into Invosys.

Juniper Bridge are a support technology company who provide whitelabelled support across a range of technologies. This strategic acquisition has enabled Invosys to better support our partners through Invosys 24/7.

After working closely together for several years, the propositions will now become more closely integrated under the Invosys name. This will fully align the teams, providing smoother service and development opportunities for Invosys 24/7.

While providing the same quality of service, the Juniper Bridge brand will operate fully as Invosys. This merge will ultimately enhance the experience for the loyal customers of both companies.


If you have any questions regarding the merge, customers can still speak to the Juniper Bridge team or contact Invosys team at [email protected]

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