Introducing Hosted Voicemail!

The latest release of Number Manager brings an exciting new development to our hosted platform.

Users now have access to a new voicemail system designed to help our customers never miss an important call. Administrators can simply set up individual or group voicemail boxes for any number of users and quickly assign them to the relevant licence.

Users can then securely dial into the voicemail platform to set up their greetings and other settings before listening to their voicemails should they have any.

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Voicemail Alerts

Notifications can be set on the user’s device and the voicemail files can even be sent to up to 5 different email addresses so you can access your voicemails wherever you might be.

Quick for Admins

Introduced as a licence and group feature, hosted administrators will automatically have full access to this feature as part of the Number Manager update. By selecting the voicemail icon, they can quickly set up a new voicemail box or simply choose from pre-existing boxes to quickly assign to licences or groups. It really couldn’t be easier to manage!

Simple for Users

End users will have access to a fully functioned telephone interface allowing them to not only listen to their voicemails, but also record their own personal greeting/salutation and set their security PIN.

Group Voicemail

For teams of people, a group voicemail can be created so if the call is unanswered by the team, the caller can leave a message rather than going to an individual’s voicemail box.

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