Important LOA update

We would like to inform you of a new LOA which is to be used for all porting (Geo's and NGN's - Import and Export).

The features of the new document and rules for its use are as follows:

• A single template, which caters for all number and order types (GNP/NGNP) that should always be obtained and retained by the new provider for twelve months and provided if requested within 24 hours.
• Customer authority and proof of ownership to initiate the port order.
• Authority to the current provider to share details with the gaining provider. On request for information from the gaining provider (GP), the losing provider (LP) is obliged to assist the GP so that an accurate port order can be raised.
• Provide a facility for the Customer to ‘cancel’ their order if they decide to do so subsequently.
• Provide a name, address and contact details for the two Retailers involved Current (Losing) and New (Gaining).
• There is no requirement on the CLoA to capture supply chain details as these are relevant only to the Retailers involved & their Wholesale partners.
• There is no requirement for the template to be on letterhead paper if submitted as a scanned CLoA template with authorised signature or sent as an email attachment from the Customer’s business email address (which must show their Business title, and the company’s full name & address) – e-signatures are acceptable. If posted as a hard copy alone then a letterhead is required.
· Option to provide 2 addresses (Billing and Site Address) which may be needed by the LCP.

Find out more about the reasons for change and the benefits of the new document here>>.

Find the new CLoA template for porting here>>

Please note that this charge does not affect any of the other services we provide.

Contact us if you have any further questions